Water Mist Indoor Auto Quell System

Water Mist Indoor Auto Quell System

  • The Ceasefire Watermist Auto-Quell System is a revolutionary, all-purpose detection and fire suppressant system solution.

    A network of detection devices, special Watermist nozzles and a connection to a water tank is installed indoors. In the event of a fire, the system kicks into action in seconds.

    The specially designed nozzles dispense Watermist , made up of microscopic droplets of water (below 100 microns), onto the fire affected area, quickly putting out the flames as well as bringing the temperature down to non-combustion levels.

    Entirely self-activated and requiring no human intervention, this integrated system provides a complete detection and suppression solution, working quickly to save property and lives.

    What's more, since the Auto-Quell System is Watermist based, it has no long-term effect on the work environment and operations can resume with no time lost.