Ceasefire today is a name synonymous with fire safety. The company is a leading manufacturer of a globally certified, holistically-integrated range of fire fighting solutions and is amongst the rarest in the world to have such a diverse product portfolio as part of one eco-system.

The company's product range includes - A Complete line of Fire Extinguishers with the widest variety of extinguishing agents, Special Application Extinguishers, Highly-advanced In-Panel Suppression Systems, Total Flooding Systems, Greenest technologies including Inert Gas Based Suppression, Revolutionary Watermist Based Suppression Systems, Extensive range of Watermist and Wet chemical Based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, Hydrant Systems, Fire Alarm Systems and other highly-specialised fire fighting technologies.


This most extensive product portfolio is built at the very forefront of technology and innovation.

The best names across industry segments in India and other parts of the world have counted on us for their safety, including global conglomerates, MNCs, Government Agencies, Railways, Airports and Military & Strategic Establishments.

Totaling 500,000 customers. We’ve never let anyone down, ever.

A product range certified for quality by the top-notch agencies in the world. 

Our Size & Scale

  • A team of over 2000 professionals

  • Over 100 branch offices

  • A state-of-the-art backward-integrated manufacturing facility in India

  • 3000 new customers each month

  • 500,000 customers including the best names across industry segments.

  • Presence in India and UK

  • A product sold every 61 seconds and used on real fires, saving lives & property, every 5 minutes

Technology Leader. ​Demand Generator.

As a technology leader and continuous product innovator, Ceasefire plays a dual role.

As a demand fulfiller in existing markets, with superior quality products that command a premium of over 20%.

As a demand generator, we introduce new products in new proprietary markets which create their own demand.